About our relationship with Jaco Enterprises

Almost immediately on opening our first shop within a swimming pool complex in 1998 we discovered the frequency and problems caused by ear infections. The perfectly correct advice given by doctors at the time was simple:- “don’t go swimming”. Good advice though this was (and remains still) it was less than satisfactory for those who wanted to enjoy the water or who had paid for their children’s swimming lessons and wanted them to complete the course.

Prompted by regular requests for help with the problem we researched the options available and found Jaco Enterprises and their remarkable Ear Band-It and Putty Buddy solution. Although at first just a bit sceptical of the claims made for the product we decided to import some to see if they lived up to expectation. It was a resounding yes and we soon had to order again. We have now been selling Ear Band-Its for over 13 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Whilst individual customers account for the majority of our sales we also supply a number of specialist ENT clinics and NHS hospitals.

There are a number of copycat headbands on the market but in our experience none match the Ear Bandit and Putty Buddy combination which is widely distributed and well proven in the world market place. You will see on the site that Jaco Enterprises have now further developed their product and launched the Ear Bandit Ultra. The following is extracted directly from their site:-

The Ear Band-It® Ultra is made from our custom-designed, embossed neoprene on the inner side of the headband providing extra grip on the forehead, ears, and back of the head to avoid slipping during most types of water activity. It also contains 4.0mm 100% neoprene instead of 2.0mm-3.0mm neoprene blend that other headbands use. This gives the Ear Band-It® Ultra unparalleled strength and comfort. The unique shape of the Ear Band-It® Ultra is different than the Original Ear Band-It® headband and other swimming headbands. The ear flaps are larger, which increases the surface area, creating more grip and better coverage of the ear itself. Also the bridge at the forehead has been widened, which adds strength, reduces the potential for tearing at this stress point, and increases skin contact surface area for better grip.

Supplies of Ultra are due in this week (w/c 25th June 2012) and we expect to have continual availability from then.

We are delighted to have been involved with Scott Malkoff at Jaco Enterprises for so long and look forward to continuing our excellent relationship and maintaining our position of a prime supplier in UK and Europe for the foreseeable future.

About JACO Enterprises

Makers of Ear Band-It® neoprene headband and Putty Buddies® silicone ear plugs

Jaco's unique products are designed to keep water out of the ears, providing maximum comfort and safety while swimming and bathing.

The Original Ear Band-It® ear protection system was developed by a board certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physician, and is recommended by specialists worldwide for children with grommets and reoccurring ear problems. Water enthusiasts of all ages will also appreciate using the Putty Buddies® earplugs and Ear Band-It® headband in the prevention of swimmer's ear.

About the Inventor

Dr. Jack Malkoff, the inventor of the Ear Band-It®, obtained his medical degree from Ohio State University. Following his Internship at Newark City Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Malkoff completed his Otalaryngologic Residency at the renowned Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. Dr Malkoff retired in 1995 after 40 years of Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) medical practice. He is board certified in Otolaryngology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.).

In 1989, Dr Malkoff developed the Original Ear Band-It® ear protection system, in order to enable his patients with grommets to swim and bathe in comfort and safety. Ear Band-It® is also now commonly used post-operatively following plastic surgery of the ears (otoplasty) in order to pin down and protect the ears.