Ear Band-It ULTRA Headband plus 1 Pair of Floating Putty Buddies
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£ 12.50

The Ear Band-It® Ultra is made from custom-designed neoprene which is embossed on the inner side, providing extra grip to avoid slipping during most types of water activity.  In contrast to the 3.0mm neproene blend in the original Ear Band-it®, the Ultra is 100% neoprene and is 4.0mm thick all the way round.  This gives the Ear Band-It® Ultra unparalleled strength and comfort.
The Band-It® Ultra also has a new unique shape with larger ear flaps and a widened bridge across the forehead, giving you more coverage over the ears and making it stronger and more robust than any previous head band.

The Ear Band-it® Ultra comes with one pair of floating Putty Buddies.  Small and Medium head bands come with plugs of the same colour, and large head bands come with tan plugs.